Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Year in Review: Friday Faves + Raves

Happy Friday!! The last one of 2011. Dear 2012... you've got big shoes to fill, but I know you'll rise to the challenge. Can't wait!!

Here are some of my Faves from this year. My ultimate favorite thing is still waiting to be announced. Are you ready? It's BIG!

You know how something comes along and you wonder how you lived without it? Like... lemon chicken soup from Taziki's or the iPhone, or Pinterest. Man oh man, I'm addicted.
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Cotton Details
You would think, being in the South, that cotton is a detail I'd see a lot, but I don't. I've only seen it in photographs. Cotton can be used in place of/in addition to flowers, as a cake topper, in a backdrop, etc. What do you think? How can you imagine using the prettiness of cotton for your wedding? It would give your guests (and your photographer) something to rave about. F'reals.

My favorite iPhone app this year (top 3 of all time). It's a social media app solely based on photography. You take photos and upload them to a twitter-type feed. You follow people, they follow you. Cool photos are shared.
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Biz Books
"Highly successful business people read, on average, three business related books a year. That means I'm going to read three a month."
So... I may have only read three this year, but that's three more than I read last year. I'm sure I can beat my record in 2012. Do you have any biz books to recommend?

The E-Myth - Michael E. Gerber
Purple Cow - Seth Godin
48 Days to the Work You Love - Dan Miller

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