Saturday, July 31, 2010


If you're reading this you probably know that I studied photography in college at the University of Alabama. Since graduating over 6 years ago I've not used my 'talent' as a photographer for anything other than a hobby. However, I have a truly incredible husband who believes in me whole-heartedly and he has encouraged me to dream, and dream BIG. He planted the seeds for my success by purchasing my first digital camera and working tirelessly on my website. My family and close friends have also been pushing me along the way.  With all this support I still held back. Whenever I started to dream about what could be, I'd always get weighed down by the obstacles. All I could see were all the reasons why I shouln't do it. The biggest reason... fear that I will fail.
Recently I have been inspired to go for it! A friend introduced me to creativeLIVE -an amazing source for artists to learn more about their craft. This June they hosted a 3 day lighting workshop with guest 'teacher' Zack Arias - Atlanta based editorial music photographer. I tuned in and the wheels started turning. I discovered Chase Jarvis (CL is his brain child) and began following his blog, along with Zack's. I started dreaming again and then, it happened... CreativeLIVE announced a wedding workshop with world renouned lifestyle photographer Jasmine Star. I'd never heard of her but minutes after the workshop was announced I fell in love with her. I am now a j* blog stalker!! I cannot get enough of looking at her work and hearing what she has to say about her career and her life. She's unbelievably talented yet humble and I LOVE her! I won't bore you with the rest of the story because then you'd know just how stalkerish I can be, instead I'll just say I'm ready. Ready to dream HUGE and take a chance.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

... and we're blogging

Say hello to my first blog post. I am Jessi D. I'm a wife, a mom, a photographer and a poor speller. What I am not is a writer. I don't use proper punctuation but I do have lots on my mind, so I'll be using this blog to communicate with my adoring fans. Which, right now consists of my husband, mom and sister :) Love y'all!