Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, that’s my jam!

[Record]  [Play]  [Rewind]  [FFwd]  [Stop/Eject]  [Pause]  I used to know those buttons by heart.

In high school, before I could drive, I had to ride the bus for an hour to and from school. The school was only 9 miles from my house, but the bus route took us down every single dirt road on the way. This is when my walkman became my best friend. 

I spent hours making mixed tapes to listen to on my hour long rides. Before I had a radio with a cassette player and CD player all-in-one, I mixed my tapes on an old cassette player/radio. I had a system. I’d tune to 107.7 TheX, press Record & Play & Pause and then wait. When a song I liked came on, I’d un-pause to record. The system, though good, was flawed. Sometimes I’d wait and wait for a particular song and it would never play. Or worse, the song would come on and instead of hitting Pause I’d hit Stop. BOOO.

Zombie by the Cranberries... I can’t tell you how many times I’d turn the radio on just to catch the song in the middle, or almost over. There was such a rewarding feeling the day I was ready to record and it came on. I pressed pause (or un-pause really) and basked in my victory.  YES! Got you Zombie!!

Today it is so easy to find music and listen to it on demand. Sometimes I miss the trill of catching a song on the radio. Seems like I would turn it up a little louder and jam a little harder.

The same can be said about digital photography. I can be a little impatient (shocker) so, I adore the immediacy of digital. But, sometimes I miss shooting film. Waiting to finish a roll of film before seeing the images builds drama. Seems like I would celebrate more when I nailed a shot. 

Pressing the shutter. Advancing the frame. Developing the film. Making prints in a darkroom. I used to know those ‘buttons’ by heart.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

My little pumpkin will be seven months old tomorrow. Seven months?!? We took her cute little self to the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton, AL this afternoon and she loved it. Olivia is a girl after her mommy's heart... she loves to people watch. The patch was packed so she was a bit distracted but we got some cute pics anyway.

I would recommend the Grand Ole Pupmkin Patch to anyone looking for one to visit. They've got hayrides, a petting zoo, tractor rides and even helicopter rides. Plus some delicious food. Great family fun!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Young MC

There's not much sweeter than a sleeping baby. I had the joy of shooting little Maddox Carter today. He slept so good and was a wonderful little model. 

I snapped a quick picture of his big sister too. How can you not love her curls, and pretty smile? OG, thank you for being such a good helper today!

I can NOT believe I took this picture of her just 10 months ago. How'd she get so big? 

Deanna, I had a great time with you and the fam today. Your babies are beautiful!!