Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pinterest | A Planner's Paradise

I looked at John from across the couch and asked, "so what are we doing tomorrow?" He looked back and smiled. I'd only asked him 15 times already and he'd answered the same every time, "I don't know."

'Tomorrow' was our anniversary and he took time off so we could spend the day together. Awesome, but I needed a plan. Look, I'll admit that my urge to plan weekend events and vacations can be a teensie-bit annoying (when it came to our wedding it borderlined on crazy-obsessive) but it's just who I am. I'm all for spontaneity but can it please be planned? Kidding! Sort of.  

My twitter feed has been all abuzz lately about Pinterest is a place to collect inspiration. It's a virtual cork board to pin images you like and catalog them. It's a planner's paradise. Here's how it works:

After joining pinterest you install a 'pin it' button for your browser. Then you surf the internet as per usual. When you see an image that you like all you have to do is click the 'pin it' button, add a description, click pin and then go back to surfing. When you want to see what you've pinned you log into pinterest and you'll have boards like the ones I've shared below. What's awesome is that when you pin stuff a link to the site is pinned too. That way you can always go back and find where the image came from.

The best part? All of these images are stored on pinterest instead of on your computer. I used to have a zillion folders filled with a zillion inspiration images stored on my computer. Pinterest replaced them and my hard drive sent me a thank you card. And, even better than that, I can access pinterest on my phone. So, I can now carry all my inspiration with me. Woot!

Pinterest isn't just a personal catalog of inspiration though, it's also a social site. Like twitter/facebook you can follow people and they can follow you. You can re-pin stuff you see others pinning and you can comment on pins too.

Pinterest will change your world if you are:
  -a bride planning a wedding
  -planning any sort of party
  -a soon to be mommy decorating a nursery
  -decorating/renovating a room in your house (or your whole house)
  -an artist who likes keeping a file of inspiring images
  -planning your early retirement with a 'bucket list' of places to go

My newest board is a collection of color pallets. I'll be writing a blog post about these soon.

And, here's a peek at my 'little girl love' board full of stuff for Olivia. 

Pinterest is still somewhat new and you have to be invited to join. Don't worry, you can request an invitation from the site. My invitation request was accepted in just a few days. Follow me if you're pinterested.

Also, any of y'all notice that I blogged every day last week? Number 20 on the 31 before 31 list. Boom.

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