Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves and Raves

Happy Friday!!

This week's fave is my ExpoDisc. It's a white balancing tool used to get color right IN-CAMERA while you're shooting. I first used one at the Gray Photography Workshops and it quickly became one of my favorite pieces of gear. I'm a total photo nerd and wear it around my neck at every shoot now :)

Both of the images below are straight out of camera (sooc), which means I did not do anything to them in post processing. The image on the left was shot with my camera set to auto white balance. The one on the right was shot using the ExpoDisc to configure a custom white balance.  White balance is something that can be corrected in post processing, but I prefer getting it right while shooting. Less time editing = more time with my family. LOVE!

Rave: Wedding Detail... Cotton
You would think, being in the South, that cotton is a detail I'd see more often but I don't. I've only seen it in photographs. Cotton can be used in place of/in addition to flowers, as a cake topper, in a back drop. What do you think? How can you imagine using the prettiness of cotton for your wedding? It would give your guests (and your photographer) something to rave about. F'reals.

(photo credit: Jasmine Star, Aric+Casey Photography, and Anna Kuperberg)

As I wrote this blog I realized that if one of my brides used cotton in her wedding that I would probably have to touch it at some point during the day. And, well... I have an irrational fear of touching cotton. It's not a fear really, it's just that touching cotton (or hearing it squeak) makes my teeth hurt. Just another reason to love my second shooter :)

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  1. ExpoDiscs rock my socks. Also, I would have never thought about the cotton idea, but I really like it. Definitely adds a "southern" feel.

  2. Love the cotton! So pretty and Southern!