Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I clearly remember asking you to stop growing up so fast. Didn't you hear me? I guess it's not your fault and I honestly do love watching you grow. I just know I'm going to miss you being little and all the cute stuff you do everyday.

You like to snuggle when you wake up. Sometimes your dad and I race to see who can get to your bedroom first.
You brush your hair to make it pretty after I've brushed it.
You crawl into the kitchen and ask to 'each' when it's time for dinner.
You've almost figured out how to unlock my cell phone. A picture of your dad appears on the screen when you press the big button. You love pressing it and saying 'DaDa'.
You hold all your toys to your ear and say 'hewoo'
You ask for your bath at night and get really excited when we turn the water on. I love hearing your happy squeals and giggles.
You try to eat all the bubbles in the tub.
You say 'night night' when it's time for bed. Bedtime kisses are my favorite.

Everyday you are awesome.