Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Montevallo, Alabama | Southern Magnolia Wedding: Alisha + Joey

One of the coolest things about second shooting is meeting photographers that I admire. I've been 'stalking' Meredith Rowlen Photography on facebook for quite some time and I finally met her last Saturday. We've exchanged emails and 'talked' on the internets but I was still nervous to meet her. Mainly because I wasn't only meeting her, but I was about to spend the next 8 hours working for/with her shooting a wedding at the beautiful Southern Magnolia house in Montevallo, AL.

Thankfully my nerves took a chill pill as soon as I started shooting. Then, I really relaxed when I showed some shots to Meredith and she approved saying, "look at you being all rock-star!" Meredith, YOU are the rock-star and I was happy to be your 'groupie' for the day ;)

Alisha and Joey spoiled us. Spoiled. They were wonderfully comfortable in front of the camera and beyond sweet to each other. During their first look, Joey could not stop gushing over his gorgeous bride. I think the word is smitten. Can you blame him? I mean, LOOK at her!!

Another thing I love about second shooting is photographing the details. Alisha and Joey handmade some of them together. Aaand swoon. 


To see more from Alisha and Joey's wedding check out their album on Meredith Rowlen's Photography page on facebook.

Your wedding was amazing. I'm lucky to have been a part of it. Hakuna Matata to y'all!! (You had to be there, but trust me... it was awesome)


  1. Jessi,
    These are amazing and your talent shines through! Thanks for coming to shoot with us, you all were awesome! How can we get some of these photos?!? My email is mcclellan.joseph@gmail.com if you want to email back and forth!

    -Joey & Alisha

  2. Thanks so much! You two were an absolute dream!! Meredith has all of these and you can get them from her.

  3. Groom's mom here - I am THRILLED with your work here!!!!!

    Laurie McClellan