Monday, May 9, 2011

Second Shooting

Sometimes I'll have an idea for a blog post, but will get writer's block when I sit at my computer to write. When that happens I start the post with one or two sentences to describe the idea I had and then I'll come back when inspiration strikes.

I've had a post sitting in my blog queue for a while and I opened it to write this today.  The title was Second Shooting and it read, 'has been awesome.' I wrote that after second shooting for the first time and I'm not sure why I didn't just post it as is. Second shooting HAS been awesome.

I've had the pleasure of second shooting 4 weddings this Spring and I've been having the best time. A lot of established photographers will tell you that second shooting is part of 'paying your dues' in the photography world. While it's true that as a second shooter you are working as an employee/intern for the main shooter, it hasn't felt like 'paying dues' to me. I'm getting invaluable on the job experience learning the wedding day workflow and finding/creating good light when there seems to be none. I'm building my portfolio, making friends in the industry and watching my dreams become reality.

Maybe I've been lucky to work with the remarkably talented photographers I have because they've hardly made it feel like work. More on them (and pics too) coming soon!!

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