Friday, May 13, 2011

An Anniversary

You know that feeling when you're driving home from work on the same street you've driven a thousand times, and the sun is bathing everything in pretty orange light and somehow it feels as though it's the first time you've been there?

The feeling when you are really good friends with a guy and one day you look at him and suddenly realize that you don't want to take one more breath if it means he won't be yours forever?

I love it when that happens (insert me smoothly winking at my husband) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Taking a note from J* I wrote a love list.  I knew I loved you when...
.. you cleaned your plate the first time I cooked for you
.. you told me that you loved my laugh
.. you gave me my first DSLR and the note attached read, “I believe in you.”
.. you suggested we get married at the beach
.. you let me have the left side of the bed even though it was 'your side'
.. you reached for my hand as we crossed the finish line at the Mercedes Half Marathon
.. you kissed my forehead after I gave birth to our daughter 

It's been an amazing four years. Here's to forever more!!

Photo courtesy of my Dad

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  1. My Dear Cousin ~Your life is like a movie I want to watch over and over again! Your happiness & love show in your work, the words you write and in your beautiful daughter... Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many, many more!! ~Angie