Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’ve seen you before

Sometimes you get lucky. Your daughter is being adorbs, you rush for the camera (miraculously you know exactly where it is AND the batteries are charged) you point it at her, press the shutter and you get a good picture. For me, this happens about as often as turn down ice-cream for dessert. Almost never. I’ve given up on making the mad dash for my camera because Olivia has usually moved on with her life by the time I make it back to her. So, most of the time, her cuteness is caught via the camera on my cell phone. The snapshots are facebookable, but not frameable and I’m ok with that. Yes, I’m a photographer and looking at these with a critical eye would make me cringe. They’re grainy, the light is horrific, and composition is boring. But my mommy eyes love them. My mommy wallet isn’t going to pay to have them printed, but I love them nonetheless.

When I want get a frameable shot, or when I’m shooting for a client, I do a lot of pre-visualization.  I can see the end product before I touch my camera. Part of this is skill from my experience and background as an artist. I have a trained eye. But, I also brainstorm and sketch things out. Sometimes I scout locations and practice shooting. Then, when a client is in front of me and I look through the viewfinder, pressing the shutter it’s like tapping an old friend on the shoulder.  ‘Oh, hey there, I know you.  I’ve seen you before.’  

My latest frameables...