Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ham Game

It’s garbage. OK. I said it. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is garbage TV and I watch it anyway. I think it’s entertaining. Yes, I’m entertained by garbage. I used to be entertained by garbage on MTV and now that I’m more mature and adult-ish, I’m entertained by garbage on BRAVO. 
If you are into watching the History Channel or (gasp) no TV at all let me fill you in on the Ham Game. One of the housewives, Caroline, has three grown kids that still live at home. Two boys, one girl. From time to time they get a wild hair and go into the kitchen and throw ham at each other. Caroline HATES it. Probably because she has a gorgeous kitchen and the kids do little to help clean up. The ham game looks like great fun to me, but I like games and silliness in general. 

Since the J* workshop I’ve been looking for light and natural reflectors. I’ve become a little obsessed with it. Everywhere I go I think, ‘If I had to take a portrait here, where would be the best spot? Where is the pretty light?’  So, John and I created a new game - the Photo Game. I get my camera and get in the car. He drives and stops wherever he sees fit. Then, I have to make it work. Take one good portrait. Today for the first round of Photo Game he took it fairly easy on me. We went early in the morning so there was pretty light everywhere. This is where we stopped.

Sunlight - pretty, field - pretty, forgotten tractor trailer - let's do this. 

Olivia's face in this picture is sure to get many eye rolls later in life. But, I thought I would include it because it's a good example. John is standing in the same spot from the picture above. Instead of moving him, I moved and used the trailer as a big reflector.

Some details. I love shooting details. 


  1. I like this new game. Maybe I can think of a way of incorporating ham as well.

  2. Are you still playing the Photo Game?