Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Does Santa shoot Nikon or Canon?

"Aunt Jessi, can we track Santa on your computer?"  Kids have this way of making you feel old without even trying. Did you know that you can track Santa on NORAD's website? Well, I didn't until last year. I haven't checked, but I'm sure Santa is on Twitter too. Skype? Probably.

The internet had barely been invented the last time I tracked Santa. I had to sit and wait for the evening news to report on his whereabouts. Instead of texting a wish list, I plopped down in front of the TV to watch TGIF and hand wrote a letter with some paper and a crayon. Am I really so old that I am talking about the way things used to be?? Whatever. I’m up with technology. See, this year I’m blogging my wish. Boom. And, it’s a total gear head-photo-nerd wish – a new camera. With that, I am joining the great debate... Nikon or Canon.

I’ve read a ton of forums on the subject and both sides are clearly passionate about which is better. I mean, this topic can really stir a pot. However, it seems that the differences usually boil down to menu options and ease of use. Most will admit that it’s just personal choice.

Whatever I decide, I’m certain that come Christmas Eve I will be snuggled with my hubby and our sweet baby girl in front of the computer tracking Santa on the internet.


  1. Awww. Aunt Jessi is a mommy now. I think the reason I haven't purchased a new digital camera is ease of use. I don't want to have to take photography classes to learn to use one. But on our trip to Sedona I learned I live in the instant gratification age when we used disposable 35mm cameras to take pictures and I found myself taking pictures with my phone instead because I could see and upload the result. I wonder will my kids ever know the joy/patience of 35mm cameras.

  2. We just got a Nikon and I love it! But, I have friends that also have Canon and like it too. Can't go wrong with either!

  3. Recently I've been hearing of focusing problems with Canon. I don't know which cameras, but my Nikon has been awesome with focus. :)