Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Opponent

"I'm so paralyzed with fear of making a bad decision that I often make no decision." - Donovan Fannon

I just watched the winning entries for the Tamara Lackey Business Workshop on CreativeLive and when I heard Donovan say that I was all... f'real know what you mean dude.

In 5th grade I swam on the Wiesbaden Wahoos swim team. We had this awesome shirt that had a picture of a stop watch on the back and read, 'This is my opponent'. Super sass right? It said 'talk to the hand' to the swimmers on the other team. They might have been swimming along side us but we were racing the clock, not them.

Sometimes I feel like I need a shirt with a picture of my own face that reads, 'This is my opponent' so that when fear creeps in I can tell it to 'talk to the hand'. Fear might be swimming along side me but I'm racing myself. Sometimes, I need to push myself out of the way and make a decision.

P.S. Tamara's FREE business workshop will be streaming on CreativeLive Sept. 9th & 10th.

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