Thursday, March 31, 2011

Socially Acceptable

"Listening to Ike Pigott talk about social media. #ALsocme"

Sitting in the front row I grabbed my phone, opened twitter and tweeted this message while Ike was speaking. He was standing three feet in front of me and I did this in plain sight. Rude? Not hardly.

I was doing my part to generate buzz about the Alabama Social Media Association's inaugural event. At the check-in table I was encouraged to check in on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. I took a moment to do just that and there were already a flood of tweets using #ALsocme. People were saying hello from across the room, inviting others to sit with them and generally tweeting their excitement to be there. One brilliant girl even tweeted the hashtag along with a link to her resume to everyone at the event. THAT is (social) networking!

Ike Pigott spoke to us about Social Media: The 21st Century Canary. He discussed how to measure a social media 'crisis' so that you know when to respond. He also explained the concepts of framing and sharing. Framing gives context to fact. If you provide the right context you can frame someones perception. What makes a message sharable? Ike gave us the ABC's...

Canaries make a lot of noise. Noise lets you know you are in the right place but it doesn't let you know what to take seriously. Measure before you react. But, by all means, be prepared to react.

You can see Ike's slides plus a full transcript of the event here.
Thanks to ALsocme for a great event. I think you should host one here in Montgomery :)  Oh, and thanks to Zoes Kitchen for a free lunch!


  1. I so did that : )

    Awesome seeing you there!

  2. Jessi --

    You've done a wonderful job distilling my talk into such a small space. If anything, I wanted to convey how these tools -- at times geeky and unnatural -- really *can* have an impact on just about everyone who does business these days.

    I would say that I am flattered and humbled that you came all the way from Montgomery to hear me speak, but I know better. Everyone came for the free lunch. ;)

    I'm glad you found it a valuable experience, and thanks for sharing the word about what the Alabama Social Media Association is all about. We'd be happy to export what we're building so you can plant a seed in the capitol.

  3. You are the bestest, most talented sorority sister ever. I am so proud of you and what you're building for yourself! I appreciate your support so very much!

  4. One of the ALsocme officers I interviewed was Wade Kwon [@WadeonTweets]. After Ike's presentation he said that they foresee ALsocme spreading it's message outside Birmingham to all points of the state. This in itself is an awesome testament to what ALsocme has in store for us all.

    That, not just professionals but the everyday user, no matter their experience level, is welcome to seek out help from this new organization.

    Ike, of course, is always an excellent speaker that I look forward to listening to. Free lunch or not. Which, by the way, was fantastic!

  5. Jessica,

    Thanks for coming up to cover the event! I'm so glad that people from beyond Birmingham were able to find out about it and attend, and I hope you'll come back soon.