Wednesday, September 1, 2010

J* Workshop Day 3-5

Day 3 was the wedding day. I got to watch Jasmine shoot a real wedding. LIVE. It was awesomazing! Yep, awesome and amazing. Jasmine is a true professional. She has her business down to a science and she performed under some serious pressure. She managed to take control and yet keep the vibe light and fun. Five lucky photographers were selected to go to the workshop and help shoot the wedding. They are now known as the CreativeLIVE Five. We got to see them in action too. I’ve had a few days to let the workshop sink in and I’ve tried to think of a comparison for the non photo nerds here … Imagine you played football in high school and you’ve wanted to coach for years. So, you start coaching kids for a local YMCA. You dream of one day coaching a college team or maybe even in the NFL. Then imagine that Sean Payton calls you up and invites you to training camp and lets you watch from the sidelines as he coaches (and wins) the super bowl. It’s something like that.

Day 4 everyone exhaled. The wedding was a smashing success. Congratulations to Laura and Billy!!
Jasmine showed her gorgeous images and talked more about business.

Day 5 was a big wrap up. Jasmine also had the CL Five show two images they captured and she offered them critique. I cannot imagine how nervous I would be to 1, Show my work to thousands of pro’s watching on the internet and 2, Have Jasmine critique it in front of everyone. YIKES!! But, the CL Five are all quite talented and got some sweet work for their portfolios.

To say that this workshop inspired me would be an immense understatement. It’s impossible put into words. I felt like Jasmine was talking directly to me, speaking right into my heart. She shared so much about her journey and starting out as well as a TON of information about the BUSINESS of her business. Being a successful wedding photographer takes a LOT more than being a good photographer. A lot lot.

If you are a photographer and you missed the workshop I would strongly recommend purchasing the downloads from CreativeLive. Also, if you are into blog stalking like I am, check out the CL Five’s blogs:
Nate Perkes, Sachin Khona, Victoria de MartignyStephanie Miller and Audrey Smit.


  1. I wish you would have had this experience before we got married!!
    Wish you the best because I know you are AMAZING!!

  2. I loved the J. Star presentation this weekend...even after a couple of years in business it is helpful!

  3. Hey Jessi! Thank you for the blog love! I thought I would stop over and return the favor! : )

    I watched part of Creative Live last week. I wasn't able to watch all of it live, but I bought the downloads and now my hubby/second shooter gets to watch with me!

    It was a great experience to watch someone else work because I think we get set in our ways and need a new perspective from time to time. It sounds like you got a lot out of it! Now I really can't wait to watch the rest, especially the wedding day!! : D

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    Thanks for linking in our blogs...
    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog..