Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini Sessions

It's not often I find someone that enjoys getting up early on Saturday. I personally love it. I sip a cup of coffee and watch the sun come up on the regs. Having a 5 month old miiiight have something to do with that, but I still love it.  Today I was thrilled to have some company! First I met the Eckermann's in Old Cloverdale. Sarah, is a natural in front of the camera. I told her to be 'whatever' and she knew exactly what I meant. She's the best whatever-er ever!

And here's Patrick. He definitely takes after his momma. Don't even get me started on those eyes - are you kidding? He could not be more handsome. 
Matt and Sarah, thank you so much for getting up early this morning to meet me. I think this picture alone made it worth it!!

Next, I met the Fuller's at Huntingdon. Man, I had some great models today. Kelley's smile lit up my frame. 

Gavin and Marley. I hope I get to shoot these two again.

Still at Huntingdon, I met up with the Lockett's. Augustine got this totally fierce haircut just for this shoot. Not really, but girl is lookin' good!

Love! This one defines my style. Fresh. Soulful. Happy. 

Augustine hoofed it all around campus in these shoes. She deserves to get some props for that. 

Whew, busy morning. I had SO much fun with all of you!! 

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