Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faves + Raves

Happy Friday!!

This weeks Fave and Rave goes to: Continuing Education.

I particularly admire and appreciate people who share their knowledge. And I really love those who explain things in the simplest way. I studied photography in college and would not trade the experience, but I've learned more about portrait and wedding photography in the last year from these awesome people...

CL brings in industry leaders to teach workshops and streams them on the internet live from Seattle. For FREE! Considering that most of these workshops would cost well over $1,000 to attend, free is AhMazing. Also, if you miss a workshop (or want to watch it again) you can buy them for $79-$149.

Zach and Jody Gray
Y'all know I love me some Z&J. If I could marry their brand I'd do it. Twice.
Every Tuesday they post photography/business tips and tricks on their blog. Tuesday is now my favorite day of the week!

Jasmine Star
Jasmine is the Don Draper of photography blogging. Minus the smoking, drinking, womanizing and stolen identity. She talks to the internet like it's her best friend from grade school and when she talks about photography it's magic. She makes me believe I can be a rock star too :)

Melissa Jill
If Jasmine's Don Draper, then Melissa would be... someone equally incredible at what they do. This summer MJ wrote a 13 part series on using flash. Now she's digging into a new series on lenses. If you're the type that likes to see the exact settings used to create an image, you'll love her blog.

Juan Pena
Juan is a fellow Gray Photography Workshop alum. He recently launched a blog for photographers where he shares his experiences (especially when it comes to gear). He is bananas awesome and writes just like he talks. He breaks down all the confusing, technical fanciness into something that actually makes sense.

This only scratches the surface of bookmarked blogs for me. Where do you go to get your learn on?

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