Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breakfast Wedding

A bear claw for my dad, a cheese danish for my mom and donuts for my sister, my brother and myself. Saturday morning. If I close my eyes I can almost smell that delightful little German bakery.

Housing for Lindsey AFB was off base in Wiesbaden, Germany. That equals awesome. All of us military folks lived in a sort of neighborhood of houses, apartments and an elementary school right there in middle of town. We were surrounded by German neighborhoods, shops, parks, restaurants and bakeries.

I'm profoundly grateful that my mother didn't keep us in a bubble. She explored Germany with us in tow. We rode the bus and the train. We shopped at German grocery stores and Christmas markets. We ate 'street food' like spaghetti ice and pommes frites. We visited castles, museums and swimming pools.
It. was. glorious.

Out of all those memories, my fondest is walking to the bakery behind our house on Saturday mornings to get breakfast for the family. And now, thanks to pinterest, I've become obsessed with the idea of a breakfast wedding. I really, REALLY want to shoot one. OK?  K.

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