Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This... is Love

I have been working hard and making a dent in my 31 before 31 list lately. Last week I completed #8 on the list: Have professional headshot's taken. I needed them for a branding project which I'll be blogging about soon.

These were taken by my hubby, John. Imma go ahead and call him a pro because I'm a professional and he is my silent business partner, my rock that I could not do ANY of this without, and my second shooter so... he's totally a pro. Right?  I'd like to take credit for teaching him everything he knows but the truth is that he is techie who reads manuals and actually understands them. HE teaches ME how to change menu settings half the time. When he started 'getting into photography' he dug in and learned all about the technical aspects. The rest- composition, lighting, posing, editing in camera, etc - came from me. Either I am an excellent teacher, or dude is a natural.

How many guys would be willing to take photos of their wife just to have her scrutinize them and try to find a few that she likes enough to upload to the internet to be the face of her business? My guess would be not many, but John did an AMAZING job.

I don't mean to be all 'look at how pretty I am', but this is the best set of pictures of myself I've ever had taken. So, either I'm an excellent teacher, or dude is a natural, or he captured me the way he sees me... with LOVE. Am I a lucky girl or what??

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  1. The left side shows your beauty and seriousenss, The right side shows your joy and silliness. Amazing.