Monday, February 28, 2011

Scratching off #1

Saturday I completed number 1 on my 31 before 31 list... Run a 5K.  If you know me, you might think this was an easy one to scratch off the list. You know that John and I used to run like Forrest Gump and that we've finished more 5K's than we can count. However, this was my first post-baby race and like many post-baby firsts it was scary.
For one, I didn't have my running partner. John is nursing a foot injury and hasn't been able to run so this was also my first solo 5K. For two, I am not in ideal running shape.  I was in the back of the pack with the stragglers. The people that run for a while and walk for a while... I was chugging along with them. But, I ran the entire race and I finished with a better time than I expected. (and I wasn't last. whew.)

Even though John didn't run he came out to support me and snapped some pics.
What a great turnout! I'm in there somewhere.

I finished!

Big thanks to Earth Fare for organizing a wonderful (and FREE) race. Come run with me next year!


  1. You got a medal that says Ketchup. How fitting. Awesome job Sis.

  2. congrats Jessi!!! I'm running my first 5k ever on the 26th!

  3. Hi Jessi,
    I saw that you will be going to Nashville in a couple weeks, so I wanted to come check you out. Gotta love the stalk-able-ness of the internet. :) Your baby girl is beyond adorable and I love the one year shoot!

    Looking forward to meeting you!