Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Augustine + Mark Holiday Session

When Augustine asked me if I could shoot her Holiday Session at SuCaro Ridge Farm with her horses I immediately said ‘Yes!’  Then, I freaked out.  Because… how am I going to pose a horse? Horses are big OK, and what if they get spooked? What if I get spooked? I pictured myself sprinting to my car, clutching my new Canon like a football.

Lucky for me Auggie has been riding since she was a little girl and she has some really well behaved horses.  I’ve been around horses a time or two but I was still surprised at how comfortable I was around Luke and Kip. They are just two big ol’ babies that like to be loved on, so I that did a lot.

The grounds at SuCaro Ridge Farm are gorgeous and we had them all to ourselves so I took the chance to shoot some details. 

 Speaking of gorgeous.. Hello Augustine! Model much??

To answer the question, 'how do you pose a horse?' .. you don't. Instead, you bring along your amazingly awesome husband and have him jump around making crazy noises behind you and wait for the horses to look up. 

Auggie and Mark, I had a great time with y'all at the farm. It was great to meet the boys too. Give them kisses and a peppermint wrapper from me :)

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